Freq Monster 801
FM synthesizer frontend for OPL3 compatible sound cards
A midi soundtrack from the DOOM computer game (episode 1, map 3) played back on three Yamaha devices and mixed on a Creative audigy with the kX project drivers.
  • Bass - Freq Monster 801 YMF724 (DS1)
  • Piano - PLG100-DX
  • Drums - SW1000-XG
Same track as above except this time testing the circuit bender under LFO control for variety.
Another bender demo. This time dual bass with one being bent on the YMF724 and the other being played on the PLG100-DX.
Test demo composed and played live by Narq using Freq Monster 801 with a ForteMedia FM801.
Narq's FM801 page (external)
Narq's Freq Monster 801 aided compositions.