Freq Monster 801
FM synthesizer frontend for OPL3 compatible sound cards
Freq Monster 801's `to do' list
  1. MMI/O support for the Crystal CS4281 sound card. This card uses 32bit MMI/O for OPL3 emulation which isn't currently supported (investigate hwinterface32B01.dll).
  2. CC to note transformer converting CC values into midi note on/off events.
  3. Multiple CC bends if desired. Allow CC receive targets in circuit bend to be individually bent and/or any inbound or outbound CC to be bent.
  4. Program change events mapped to performance. Allow performance entries to be tagged for program change events.
  5. Fix LFO phase. Currently phase is only read at trigger time and has no effect during a cycle.
  6. Rewrite sequence. Add event driven scripting facility to trigger events based on beat/bar/tick/key.
  7. Allow editable and alternate tuning tables.
  8. Add CC to the OPL3 drum kit.